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Silicon Nanoelectronic Devices for Quantum Computation

The Centre for Quantum Computer Technology is focused on the fundamental physics and technology of fabricating a revolutionary silicon-based solid state quantum computer prototype.

Quantum computers represent the next generation technology in computing and electronics. Through manipulation of quantum states, they offer parallel processing power and capacity in applications of commercial and national significance. The simplest and most convenient implementation of a quantum bit is the spin of a single electron.

UNSW hosts the world-leading group in the control and detection of single electrons and single spins in silicon. Our group has recently demonstrated the first ever single-shot measurement of a single spin in silicon and has also developed a new type of MOSFET-based quantum dot in silicon in which individual spins can be confined and controlled.

This thesis project will focus on the development of silicon quantum-dot qubits, using advanced modeling and measurement techniques available in the laboratory. The research group deals with all the aspects of the construction of a quantum computer: design, simulation, nanofabrication, fast electrical measurement at ultra-low temperatures, and data analysis.

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